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19:44 with Scott 115# C&J
Almost finished with Kelsey
115 c& j
Through 20s w/Jim
205# C&J. Good to be back.
16:14 with Lizard
245# C&J. Felt great today!
28:53 (Treadmill cals sub for assault bike)
16:45 w/ Maria
175# C&J
22:24 with Michelle
95# C&J
With Nate. C/J: 190#
Capped at 20 cals. Dad +Sarah=Team Macco!
160# on C&J's / Sarah @ 65#
Through round of 20"s at cap
185# c&j
16:21 with Dinger
Tested an Ice Bowl WOD
14:57 w/chuck
5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 strict pull up and strict dips Heavy Back squat
We were close (139 cals at time cap - but we finished anyway) w Alyssa
90# c&j
17:40 with Chris
C&J 135#, SHENRON (GHDs instead of C2B), DB EC (deceivingly disgusting), ice bowl test WOD
16:14 with Brad!
120# C&J
Day 5 of 14 of REST/No Activity.
😣😖😫🤬 I Suck at this whole recovering thing.
Partnered with Jake and blacked out after last 10 cals on bike!
C&j @ 190#
19:38 with Ted
150 CJ
19:44 w/ Adam
125# clns
34:50 with Seev
145# C&J
19:38 with Ryan
140# C&J
w Jordan