One of our members, Micheal Luberda, will be hosting an afternoon course to help you in case of a sudden attack by someone. He will be teaching the SPEAR System, created by Tony Blauer. 

Here are some facts about the SPEAR System, Tony Blauer, and what we as SPEAR trainers offer.
·         Self-defense predates all martial arts.  People fought way before martial styles were developed. Coach Blauer asked the question: "How did they fight if there were no karate schools?".
·         Coach Blauer then spent 20 years reverse-engineering a system of personal defense that incorporates how our reptilian brain reacts to danger and sudden violence and then he developed strategies and drills so that our cognitive brains could recognize and integrate these movements - in doing so, he developed the first behaviorally-based self-defense system.
·         The SPEAR System is entirely based on a survival reflex that helped our ancestors evolve - it truly is the evolution of Paleolithic Self-Defense. We lovingly refer to it as: Caveman Kung Fu
·         The SPEAR System uses primal and gross-motor movements instead of the complex martial art movements that permeate the martial art and defensive tactics world. This makes it easier to learn and simpler to use.
·         The catalyst for the SPEAR conversion is hard-wired in you. We will teach you how to convert the startle-flinch, and redirect that kinetic energy into a spontaneous protective tactic that virtually any human can perform (regardless of age training or gender).
·         Everyone will be safer if they learn our system regardless of their experience or profession.
Why train with this system?
·         Science: The SPEAR system is the world's only behaviorally based self-protection method based entirely on physiology, kinesiology, physics, and psychology.
·         Simple: SPEAR movements are based on how 'humans actually' move.  We don't teach memorized patterns or complicated techniques. This directly correlates with the CrossFit community and how the human body wants to move, and how it’s made to move.
·         Legal: In the real world, "force must parallel danger", our system is congruent with every moral, ethical and legal directive.
·         Totality: SPEAR methodology is holistic. It's based on emotional awareness & intelligence, modern psychology and practical & functional movement. Students of our courses are taught how to avoid, deescalate and if all else fails, how protect themselves.
·         Proven: Since 2003, SPEAR clients have been the police, the military and other first-responders. For over two decades the Blauer Tactical company has been a trusted resource for good people who actually fight real bad-guys. If our system works for them, it'll work for you.

Here's a link to a video that describes what you'll learn in the class:

The class will run from Noon-4pm, and will consist of teaching, demonstration and group/partner participation and technique practice. 

The cost of the class is $30. (NO SHIRT INCLUDED)
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Volunteers can sign up using the link below.
9:39, 85#
Snatch @ 75# // Dirty Water @ 13:38
Snatch 65#
Snatch @ 180
12:42 135# Lunges
110# Snatches
55 minutes of focused stretching + a 5 min relaxing nap.