Come join us for the new addition to the Wisconsin line up of annual Weightlifting events! This event will be hosted by Green Bay Strength and Conditioning: the home of CrossFit Green Bay and Green Bay Barbell. This one day Open style event will serve as a last chance qualifier for Youth Nationals, a tune up opportunity for those looking to compete at Nationals, as well as a fun and low pressure event that serves as a perfect spot for the novice lifter to break in the fresh singlet. We are happy to accommodate athletes who have not yet competed in an Olympic-style weightlifting meet, as well as lifters who are not USAW registered. 

-USA Weightlifting Sanctioned Meet (For USAW members)

-Registration is open until 4/10/17

-Limited to the first 75 athletes that sign up

-$60 through March 20th, the first day of Spring, then $75 until April, 10th.

-Please provide USAW number and your favorite song to lift to in the "Additional Comments" box. 

-Each athlete will receive a gender respective T-shirt and podium placers will receive a medal.

-The competition is located at:
Green Bay Strength and Conditioning
994 Parkview Road
Green Bay, WI 54304

-Contact us at if you have further questions.
Event registration is closed
Round 9. 135# SP
Didn’t attempt 10. Toes stopped hitting in Rd 8. 145# SP
Finished 10 rounds
190# SP
Front squat 6x3@225 EMOM 10 Odd: legless rope climb Even: 10HSPU
Through round 8 rx
SP @ 90#
115# SP
Round 8 RX. Continued to round 10 but scaled the TTB to paralell or kip swings
70# SP
8/10 T2B / Sarah had 9/12 T2B
115# SP / Sarah @ 55#
Round 9, 65# strict press
Toes to rig after round 5 due to sore shoulder.
8 rds. 24" and toes rarely hit
175# SP
150lb Strict Press
9 Round 100# SP
11/12 T2B
4/11 T2B
130# SP. Not 1, but 2 shinners to the same leg 😩😩
Round 10, step ups & toes to rig
SP ^ 40#