Bigger is always better, right?
That's why this year we've gone crazy for the 2018 Ice Bowl and extended our competition from Saturday February 3rd into Sunday the 4th! 
Individuals competing on Saturday will have their choice of three divisions: Rx, Intermediate or Scaled.
Teams competing on Sunday will consist of two men and two women in one catch-all division called Skilled.
Here's the best part: You can compete as an individual on Saturday AND on a team on Sunday. 

Payouts are going to be crazy huge this year! We're paying out OVER $10,000 CASH for a full roster of athletes! 
Also, we will be doing a random drawing for all registrants, whether you're Individual or Team for the $500 Aurora BayCare Prize!

There is no separate Masters division this year. We altered divisions by adding an Intermediate and allowing Masters athletes to join whichever of the three available divisions they’d like. 
In the past we would have a Masters division that was comparable to a mixture of Rx and Intermediate standards and that isolated any other Master that wasn’t at that level. 
With the new system, a Master can join any division that they’d like, even Scaled if they choose to.

Below are the requirements to be successful in each division. We do not release workouts ahead of time, but you can get an idea of which WODs have difficult movements in them (not all movements are listed).  Don't let the movements in the Finals deter you from that division; only the top 4 will participate from each division. 

WOD 1:
-Squat Cleans at 225/135
-Handstand Walk
WOD 2:
-Bar Muscle Ups
-Shoulder to Overheads 205/125
-Toes to Bar
WOD 3:
-Anyone can do these movements
WOD 4 Finals (Top 4 Athletes Only):
Legless Rope Climb
Triple Unders
Heavy Thrusters

WOD 1:
-Squat Cleans 185/115
WOD 2:
-Chest to Bar Pullups
-Shoulder to Overhead 155/105
WOD 3: 
-Anyone can do these movements
WOD 4 Finals (Top 4 Athletes Only):
Rope Climb
Double Under
Heavyish Thrusters

WOD 1:
-Squat Cleans 135/95
WOD 2:
-Shoulder to Overhead 135/85
WOD 3:
-Anyone can do these movements
WOD 4 Finals (Top 4 Athletes Only):
Rope Climbs to 10ft
Kinda Heavy Thrusters

WOD 1:
Thruster 115/85
Clean & Jerk 165/115
WOD 2:
Synchro Box Jumps 24”
WOD 3:
Bar Muscle Ups/Chest to Bar Pullups (Only 2 athletes need to do BMU)
Double Unders
Finals WOD:
Hang Squat Clean 205/125
Legless Rope Climb
Strict HSPU
Muscle Up

Athlete Check In - 7:00am to 8:00am
Athlete Briefing - 8:15am
WOD 1 Start Time - 9:00am
WOD 2 Start Time - 11:00am
WOD 3 Start Time - 1:00pm
Finals - 3:00pm
Awards - 4:00pm
*All times are approximate and may change without notice

Team Check In - 7:00am to 8:00am
Team Briefing - 8:15am
WOD 1 Start Time - 9:00am
WOD 2 Start Time - 10:00am
WOD 3 Start Time - 11:00am
Finals - 12:30pm
Awards - 1:30pm
*All times are approximate and may change without notice

For the latest event information you can check out the event's Facebook page

CrossFit Green Bay
994 Parkview Rd
Green Bay, WI

Registration is NON REFUNDABLE, but you can transfer your spot to another athlete if you'd like. 

When registering, under "Name" section, write your team name. Have the Team Captain use their email and select 1 shirt size in the dropdown box, then list the other athlete's names and shirt sizes in the Additional Comments box. If you do not follow these instructions we will not order shirts for your whole team, only the person that registered and entered it into the dropdown box!
Event registration is closed
13:02 95# lunges, toes as high as I could get them
95# snatch w/ass count of 4; “dirty water” 12:45
9:39, 85#
Snatch @ 75# // Dirty Water @ 13:38
Snatch 65#
Snatch @ 180
12:42 135# Lunges
110# Snatches
55 minutes of focused stretching + a 5 min relaxing nap.