21 MayDay Challenge

Friday May 05, 2017

3 weeks 100% Paleo. No bulletproof coffee, rice is allowed but in appropriate rations consistent with zone portions. No alcohol, no processed sugar, no processed grains, all the fruits, all the vegetables, all the nuts and seeds (no peanuts), all the lean meat and all the water. 3 weeks of writing everything you eat down in a journal no matter good or not so good. Must be in CFGB 17 of the 21 days. Workouts, mobility, yoga, barbell, etc... will count just need to be here. Exceptions will be made as long as you contact me prior. Posting on facebook does not count as contacting me by the way and will likely lead to your disqualification:) Need measurement from navel and 2" below navel. Tape is at the gym and we will be measuring all day Thursday and Friday. Winners will be based on journal, workouts, measurements, and 1 tie breaker workout if needed. Sign up online and pay at the gym. 20 bucks cash in an envelope is the payment method. Make sure you have your correct email written down so you are on "the almost daily words of some sort of wisdom from me" email list.

Sign up on the volunteer link and there is no t-shirt. No t-shirt. 
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Volunteers can sign up using the link below.
Round 9. 135# SP
Didn’t attempt 10. Toes stopped hitting in Rd 8. 145# SP
Finished 10 rounds
190# SP
Front squat 6x3@225 EMOM 10 Odd: legless rope climb Even: 10HSPU
Through round 8 rx
SP @ 90#
115# SP
Round 8 RX. Continued to round 10 but scaled the TTB to paralell or kip swings
70# SP
8/10 T2B / Sarah had 9/12 T2B
115# SP / Sarah @ 55#
Round 9, 65# strict press
Toes to rig after round 5 due to sore shoulder.
9 Round 100# SP
11/12 T2B
4/11 T2B
130# SP. Not 1, but 2 shinners to the same leg 😩😩
Round 10, step ups & toes to rig
SP ^ 40#