21 Day Pre-Christmas Challenge

Thursday Dec 01, 2016

****Update: If you want a log book it's an additional $20. You can just log your workouts and food in a notebook. The logs will be turned in the last day. There is no shirt included I just didn't know how to remove it from the registration. The payout is 100% so all the cash goes all back to the winners not towards a tshirt or anything else. 

I know this time of year is a struggle with your diets so starting Thursday December 1st CFGB will start a get through the holidays 21 day challenge through December 21. 20 bucks a person. The rules are as follows:
Refrain from consuming grains, dairy, alcohol & sugar 
Train a minimum of 17 days of the 21 days at CFGB or another box if traveling
Log all workouts 
Log all meals (record everything that you consume)
Take before picture and after picture
Measurement of waist at navel and 2" below navel (we will do the measurements at the gym from Nov. 28-30th)
For 21 days can you follow those rules? If it's a yes then get signed up. Staying away from these foods and drink this time of year is next to impossible as it's everywhere but do you have the will power to not consume them? I know a lot of you will get discouraged thinking that you just can't do it but with a little bit of will power and a nice cash reward you'd be amazed what is possible. You are not out of the contest if you have a cheat or two but the food log is a factor for the prizes. All cash will be paid out to the winner(s) if we have more than 10 people sign up we will have a 1st and 2nd. If we have over 20 we will award 1st through 3rd place. In order to be eligible for the you need to turn in your log book for your food and workouts. Winner will be based off of waist measurement difference and off of your food log. Sign up will be at the gym starting Friday and payouts will be announced on December 1.

Register for the event by selecting a division below.
Volunteers can sign up using the link below.
Round 9. 135# SP
Didn’t attempt 10. Toes stopped hitting in Rd 8. 145# SP
Finished 10 rounds
190# SP
Front squat 6x3@225 EMOM 10 Odd: legless rope climb Even: 10HSPU
Through round 8 rx
SP @ 90#
115# SP
Round 8 RX. Continued to round 10 but scaled the TTB to paralell or kip swings
70# SP
8/10 T2B / Sarah had 9/12 T2B
115# SP / Sarah @ 55#
Round 9, 65# strict press
Toes to rig after round 5 due to sore shoulder.
9 Round 100# SP
11/12 T2B
4/11 T2B
130# SP. Not 1, but 2 shinners to the same leg 😩😩
Round 10, step ups & toes to rig
SP ^ 40#