21 Day February Challenge

Friday Feb 03, 2017

February 21 Day Challenge begins this Friday, February 10. For 21 days contestants will attempt to not eat grains*, dairy*, sugar or alcohol and work out at CFGB for 17 of the 21 days. A few new additions to this challenge will be the allowance of white rice on training days and allowing Bulletproof Coffee. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletproof_Coffee For 21 days you need to journal your food intake and your workouts. We will take measurements at the gym on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Measurements will be taken at the navel, 2" below the navel and at the widest part of your rump. The winner will be based off of your food journal, number of workouts and measurements. The last challenge had 5 contestants with perfect journals and the winner was based off of measurements. There will be a tie-breaker included with this challenge and it will be based off of this coming Friday's workout which will be repeated on the final day of the challenge. Cost is $20 and all money is paid out to winners. Over 20 contestants will pay out 3 winners and under will pay out 2. Contestants will receive a nightly email and have their journals reviewed and given feedback at the end of the challenge. We have had over 50 people take part in the last two challenges and the results have spoken for themselves. A renewed commitment and dedication to their health all built in a short 21 days. I highly suggest if you have found yourself struggling to get on track to toss your hat in the ring! 

**There are no t-shirts**
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Volunteers can sign up using the link below.
3 and a half rounds
70-85 (failed last set at 90# 🤷🏼‍♀️), 85#, med ball clean. Nothing feels good today
3RM @ 280#
3 + 10 GHD @ 105#
3RM PP ^ 110#
9 GHD short of 4 rds
^85# PP. 95# FS. 10# WB.
4+15 Wallballs
225lb 3 Rep Push press (10lb PR)
10 ghds shy of 4 Rds 115#
PP to 100#
PP ^ 130#. Midline circuit - 7 SPU, 10 rev hyper, 1 min pLank x 3 rds. Vested shuttle run. Mob.
4 + 4 WB (half ab mat half ghd)
PP ^ 225#
3fs into 5th round #105 Fs, ab mat situps instead of ghd with #14 wb
Push press to ^ #100
PP to 105 / 4 rds
105 fs to box/wb to parellel
3 rds (165 FS)
^145 PPx3
3 + 15 WB @ 185#
165# pp