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Charlie Spry

Weightlifting Coach

Certifications: USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 1

Weightlifting/CrossFitting since:  CF since May 2013, first WL meet in 2014. 

Goals: Introduce more people the sport of Weightlifting.  Grow our club and show people how much fun a weightlifting competition can be.  

Hometown: Evansville, IN

Hobbies: Lifting heavy things and keeping my wife and daughters out of trouble.  

Favorite WOD/WOD Type:  3 Attempts at 1RM Snatch, then 3 attempts at 1RM Clean and Jerk.  
Did some non-19.5 things with Liz & Brad
13:28 Scaled
18:30 scaled
45#, 33/27 regular PU, 21/15/9 ring rows #notintheopen :)
Mrs. Fluffamuffagus struggles with C2B!!
177 doing masters 55 +
Finished the rest when second group went. Thanks Grace.