Betsy soletski

Betsy Soletski


Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit Training Certification, CrossFit Kids Certification, Certified CrossFit Judge.

CrossFitting since: 2010

CrossFit goals:
General – Continue to grow and push my limits.
Nutrition – Continue Paleo living at least 90% of the time & inspire others to do the same.
Movements – Muscle Up, Kipping T2B, more efficient DU.
Coaching – Help develop my kids’ class to progress in CrossFit and life

Hometown: Hampton/Dover NH; DePere, WI

Hobbies: Spending time with Grant & the kids, Scrapbooking, Reading, Traveling

Favorite WOD/WOD Type: Depends on the day – Hero WOD’s typically give me the biggest sense of pride when completed
275# DL
3rds, 2rds, 15 BS into 2nd rd; MU from Box
skill work......ish
Flawless (right, T & Kelly?) DL's @ 345#
225 DL (85%)
bMU from box, short handstand walk to wall.
5 rds, 2rds, 2rds+hswalk
475 dl. Ended with a 4 rep @minute 7
290# DL.
BS from rack.
WOD: 3R/2R+10 Sq/2R** Mods: HSH w/wgt 🔼/Sq from Rack/Ring scal’d MU & RD. XOSymm
335 DL, 3rds, +hs holds, 2rds + 2 squats, 1round, 1/2 HS hold
Did 10 second handstand holds, RX squats and 3/3 6/6 9/9 pull-ups and ring dips
Kept 'er movin
2 120# DL every min (60%)