Steve Kaster

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Back squat0 lbs
Deadlift0 lbs
Clean & Jerk0 lbs
Snatch0 lbs
Front Squat0 lbs
Overhead Squat0 lbs


RX. 20 reps from end. Finished after time cap. Squat jerk at 65#
That should be called “yuck”.
14/20 Thrusters @ 15:00 cap
155# SJ
12:29 - My hands were shaking after...
155# 5RM Squat Jerk
13:38; 95PJ
9-7-5 OHsquats 135 Box overs
I’m shaking ☠️☠️ Cool
11/20 cal at time cap (on way down)
55# Thruster. 55# 5RM SJ.
45lb 3/4 Squat , 17:23
2/20 thrusters (second set) at cap RX
Squat jerk @ 65#. trying to get lowwww
15:34, thrusters at 45#
105# squat jerk
HHPS 1RM 100lb Running clock 18min 1 mile run AMRAP 30DU, 15 DB snatch, 10 box jump (35lb db, 20in box) 3 +40
18:30 w 35lb thrusters.
Squat jerks 35lb working on form, 4x6-10 ghd sit ups, 4x4-5 purple band pull-ups
16:25 at 65#
65# PJ
Rest day
Squat jerks @ 85#
Squat jerks @130#, OHS/box overs, 50 pistol squats, GH raises/kip swings/hallow rocks
Part of my soul was left somewhere between the bike and the bar, if anyone finds it please place in the lost & found and I"ll pick it up later - thanks!
Is it bad I really liked that workout? SJ 55# (form). 4 rds - 500m row/21 GHD/5 HSPU. 7 min ladder ring rows/SPU. Shoulder rehab stuff.
12:10 (rower)
175# squat jerk
85 5RM SqJ/21:27 RX
17 of 30 cals at cap
Through 30s at cap (not easy to do alone at 715)
14:26 (65#)
Power Jerk 60#
16:24, 125# 5RM
9-7-5 OHS/BJO 2:26
Rest and Mobility Day
Still got tempted by doing the 5x5 in BS and set a PR by 10 pounds after because legs felt fine and I have no chill. "rest day"
Squat jerk up to 125#
The opposite of fun.
155# power jerk
18/30 thrusters, 25#