Pratik Gupta

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Back squat0 lbs
Deadlift0 lbs
Clean & Jerk0 lbs
Snatch0 lbs
Front Squat0 lbs
Overhead Squat0 lbs


1.) Anyways
Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds
400m Run
12 Burpees 
2.) EMOM for 5 minutes 5 Overhead Squat @ approx 60% 
*3.) 21-15-9
Row, cal
Dumbbell Deadlift 100/70lb
*4.) 3 Snatch @ approx 75% every 2 minutes for 6 rounds
*5.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Strict Pull-up 
note: Strict is strict and Pull-up is kipping or butterfly
*6.) 5 rounds
20 Banded Twists (10R/10L)
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Tripod to Headstand
1.) Lufniap
17 minute AMRAP 
With a 35/25lb Dumbbell
Right Arm
9 Single Arm Snatch 
20’ Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge  
9 Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Box Step Ups 24/20”
Left Arm
9 Single Arm Snatch 
20’ Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge  
9 Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Box Step Ups 24/20”
2.) EMOM for 10 minutes 
Odd: 10 Strict Press @ approx 50%
Even: 10 Handstand Push-ups 
*3.) 100’ Box Push
10 Box Overs 24/20”
80/8, 60/6, 40/4, 20/2
*4.) With a Partner for 10 total accumulated minutes 
Handstand Hold
Overhead Barbell Hold 155/105lb
Note: Switch every time partners heels fall below line. Barbell must be fully locked out over head prior to Handstand Hold beginning. 
*5.) 50 Chest to Bar
*6.) 5 Rounds 
10 Reverse Hyper
12 Weighted Hip Extension 
14 Alternating Sledgehammer Swings 

1.) Granite Games 2018 Qualifier Workout 3
3 Rounds for time
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
12 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches (50lb/35lb)
Tie Break Time Recorded, Immediately followed by…
3 Rounds for time
12 Bar Muscle Ups
12 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches (50lb/35lb)
Men use 50-lb. dumbbell
Women use 35-lb. dumbbell
2.) EMOM for 15 minutes
1 Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat @ approx 75%
*3.) In 3 person Teams
33 reps of: 
1 Sitting Sled Pull (Use rig and 2x4 for your footing) 200/100lb
1 Standing Sled Pull 200/100lb 
Sprint 100m Door to Door
note: Teammates transition after working teammate comes through the door. Set 2x4 against rig, then set cone by sled with rope fully extended. Pull towards the rig in a sitting position with butt firmly planted to the floor. When the sled reaches your feet stand up, turn the sled around and pull back to cone. The pull back to the cone is not a drag it is feet planted on the floor and pulling from a standing position. 
*4.) 10 minute EMOM
Odd: 7/5 cal Assault Bike
7 Strict Toes to Bar
Even: 7/5 cal Assault Bike
7 Toes to Bar

~13min at home
Got paused by some rummage sale goers lol
6ish mile 🏃‍♀️
205 11:03
Snatch balance up to 145#. Barbell